About Us

Omni Solar Solutions, LLC is a U.S. company that originated in Washington, D.C. whose purpose is to use the newest solar technology to meet the incremental electricity needs for countries all over the globe. We focus on building utility scale solar power plants capable of producing a minimum of 20 Megawatts of power per annum up to any amount the participating industry, municipality, or country desires. There are really no limits to the amount of power our plants can produce, but we are only constrained by 1) average days of sunshine per year, 2) geographical boundaries and land availability. Recent developments in the solar industry even make it possible to build floating installations, so off-shore, lake and river installations are now possible.

The amount of solar energy hitting the earth each year exceeds the total energy consumed by humanity by a factor of over 20,000 times.

Clearly there is enough solar energy available to fulfill all the human race’s energy requirements now, and for all practical purposes, forever. The key is developing technologies that efficiently convert solar power into usable energy in a cost-effective manner.

We are project developers. We have the capacity to evaluate and supervise the design, construction and operation of solar installations in any location. We work with financial institutions, government agencies, clients and partners to launch each project.

Omni Solar Solutions is dedicated to the aggregation of products and services to build utility scale renewable energy initiatives with the latest in solar technology. The new technologies are providing practical solutions to governments and utility companies across the globe.

The pace of progress taking place in the design and production of photovoltaic cells and solar panels is similar to that in the semi-conductor and computer industries. As a result, the price of an installed Watt (Wp) continues to go down rapidly. Omni Solar keeps up with these rapid changes, thus we are able to offer the most productive and lowest cost projects available.

We ensure that our project partners and /or clients are clear on how a solar project will be designed, financed and built. We also ensure that the tasks of operating and maintaining such facilities are accomplished with the highest of standards to keep electricity flowing in the most efficient manner through the life of the project. We monitor the amount of power produced through a web portal which generates easily understood reports on a regular basis.